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  1. I want to join the club and have noticed a difference in the banking details from your old site to the new site. On your old site the branch code had a different code (632005 for internet trfr). You don’t show this option on the new site. Is this code no longer reqired for a internet transfer

  2. Hi Colin, the branch code is at the bottom of the joining form. 336-045. I do however think that all Absa accounts have the same branch code.
    Welcome to the club and I hope you really enjoy it as much as we do!

  3. Hi, I need help with bookings on GoBook.
    All my bookings get rejected ascribing it to my ‘membership number (jaco olivier) is not numeric’.
    Do I need a membership number? What login details and pass word must I then use when registering my club as service provider?
    I’m looking forward to your email directing me.
    Kind regards,
    jaco olivier

  4. I would like to know what the situation is concerning social squash? I was playing racketball in England for 10 years and recently moved back to SA. I am in desperate need to join a club where one can fit in easily and enjoy a game of squash (or even racketball) a few times a week. Please advise.


    Roy Stofberg

  5. We want to join the squash club(husband,myself en son (11)). Do you have family membership rates?
    Also, we would only need 1 gate remote so I pay that only once, but do I need to pay the Transponder deposit for all 3?
    Erna Landman

    1. We don’t have family discount. However, only one remote will be required.
      2 Transponders will be recommended seeing as you would play each other and would require at least 2 for this. If you only have 1, you would have to swipe the transponder twice to play each other. This will charge the first swipe at member’s rates, the second swipe will be charged at visiting rates (a bit more expensive).

  6. I just want to know if the Membership / joining fees as published in the Membership Application Form is up to date for 2013? I want to give the form to a buddy that wants to join, but wouldn’t like to give him outdated information.

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