Karim Gawat to visit our club – Now the world nr 1!

Hi all

Karim Abdul Gawat, the world nr 2  1 and current PSA world champion, will be visiting our club on the 15th of May.

The event has costs involved, so we are looking to recover some of those by selling entry to the exhibition matches and also providing couching sessions with Karim, JP and Christo.

Let us know soonest if you are interested, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Also, we will be short on funds. So, if you are willing to assist with sponsoring an event like this, please get hold of us.


The list of people that have responded so far (I’m sure I missed some, so please let me know):

Entry Coaching Attendance
Japie Nolte 3
Warren Chapman 1
Elma Jansen van Rensburg 1
Rinus Wasserman 1
Musa Malinga 2
Jaco Olivier 1
Dawie Nieuwenhuis 1 1
Justin Bredenkamp 1
Ettienne Brits 1
Shahin Lalla 1

Squash SA registrations – BEFORE END MARCH

Hi all
Squash SA is enforcing registration of all league players with them. This is an annual registration, that assists Squash SA to build the sport in South Africa and invest in the future of squash.

All players must be registered before end March, after which 2 penalty points per league match per unregistered player will be tallied against your team.

The bylaw:

5.6.2 Every club must ensure that all league players are fully registered with Squash South Africa and have paid the annual registration fee/levy by the end of March every year. Transgressing players will be penalized from April onwards until such transgressions are rectified by awarding the match 3/0 to the opponent and by deducting 2 penalty points from the team for each unregistered player. (Also see clause 7.1 and 7.2)

Register at www.squashsa.co.za/registration/
Please can I ask you to hastily register and send me your registration number (Squash SA number). I’ll update the Northerns system with the applicable numbers.


The current list of players registered are here. If your name is not here but should be, please let me know. If you haven’t registered yet remember you will be penalised when you play league again.


Coen Ackermann
Pieter Badenhorst
Timothy Barnes
Hamil Bhoora
Zola Booi
Justin Bredenkamp
Teresa Bronkhorst
Brendan Coetzee
Johan Coetzer
PG Coetzer
Andre de bruyn
Theunis de Bruyn
Rudolph de Kock
Anton de Villiers
dave edwards
Andrew Engels
Zene Fourie
Shannon Fraser
Stuart Froome
Reneev Govender
Andries Herholdt
Wilhelm Human
Steyn Huyser
Jared Jacobs
Shahriar Khayyam
Shahin Lalla
Johan Liebertrau
Enrique Maartens
Awande Malinga
Celumusa Malinga
Anton Mostert
Eduan Naude
Anushke Niemand
Hildsley Noome
Robyn Ochse
Jaco Olivier
Edith Phillips
Jordin Phillips
Charl Poggenpoel
Hanro Poggenpoel
Kiara Poole
Christo Potgieter
Hermann Pretorius
Martin Schindler
Jacques Theron
Zander Van Blerk
Gerrie van den Berg
Anja van der Merwe
Kobus van der Merwe
LC van der Merwe
Beandri van Loggerenberg
Ian van Niekerk
Renier van Rooyen
Hein Van Wyk
Louis Van Wyngaard
Brian Viljoen
Divan Viljoen
Wiehan Viljoen
Jeanemie Vorster
Duncan Weakley
Hugo Wynbergen



Club WhatsApp group


I’ve created a Centurion Squash Club WhatsApp group.

I’ll be using this group to send out important club related information.

If you would like to be included on the group please send me your cell number.

Please don’t reply in the group to any questions. Respond to me personally. That way we don’t clog up the news coming from the club with thumbs-up, smileys and other comments.


Karim Abdul Gawat was at our club!


Karim Abdul Gawat visited our club in December, and what a privilege it was.

He is currently the world nr 2 and World Champion.

In 2016 he won the Al-Ahram International tournament, beating Ali Farad.

He was then the runner up to Ramy Ashour in the Hong Kong Open.

He then went on to beat Mohamed El Shorbagy (world nr 1) to win the Qatar Classic.

The pinnacle was beating Ramy Ashour in the World Open!


Supersport interviewed him (I will find out when it airs). Dup then showed him some killer shots 🙂





Club ladder updated – Challenge for league positions!

Hi all

The club ladder has been updated after last year’s very successful club champs.

You can view it on the top menu of the website.

If I have the final game results wrong, please let me know and I will update it asap.


You get 2 challenges as per normal. Use them wisely, and remember to send me the results. The challenge rules are on the ladder page.

If you are not on the ladder you don’t have a league position. So, please start challenging soon.

I’m slowly but surely preparing for league. So, if you want to stick together as a team this year, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Remember, players not in your team but between your members’ log positions will leap frog the whole team.

The list of players I assume will play league but is not on the ladder is:

Warren Chapman (NSF2456)
Marc Malan (NSF3515)
Darryl Castle (NSF2294)
Francois Mouton (NSF2207)
Jaco Mouton (NSF2206)
Ronald Pullinger (NSF4105)
Charl Ballot (NSF2134)
Kamlesh Mistry (NSF2262)
Francois du Toit (NSF1895)
Henno Terblanche (NSF3188)
Alfred Botes (NSF4277)
Kobus Van Zyl (NSF0472)
Henning Smit (NSF0408)
Brad Campbell (NSF3782)
Johan De Bruin (NSF0152)
Jannes Silk (NSF3485)
Greg Smith (NSF0538)
Coen Ackerman (NSF0535)
Isak Smith (NSF0537)
Kennith Shuda (NSF0540)
Clint Meyjes (NSF0902)
Hugo Marx (NSF1970)
Martin Schindler (NSF0531)
Stefan Viljoen (NSF0323)
Anton Fourie (NSF0547)
Frans Bestbier (NSF0530)
Ian du Plessis (NSF0528)
Stephan Roets (NSF4167)
Jako du Plessis (NSF4171)




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