Karim Gawat to visit our club – Now the world nr 1!

Hi all

Karim Abdul Gawat, the world nr 2  1 and current PSA world champion, will be visiting our club on the 15th of May.

The event has costs involved, so we are looking to recover some of those by selling entry to the exhibition matches and also providing couching sessions with Karim, JP and Christo.

Let us know soonest if you are interested, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Also, we will be short on funds. So, if you are willing to assist with sponsoring an event like this, please get hold of us.


The list of people that have responded so far (I’m sure I missed some, so please let me know):

Entry Coaching Attendance
Japie Nolte 3
Warren Chapman 1
Elma Jansen van Rensburg 1
Rinus Wasserman 1
Musa Malinga 2
Jaco Olivier 1
Dawie Nieuwenhuis 1 1
Justin Bredenkamp 1
Ettienne Brits 1
Shahin Lalla 1

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