Club ladder

The club ladder exists to allow players to challenge each other, thereby improving their position in the club.

Until the ladder is loaded onto the SquashCon system it will exist here.


  1. Players are allowed to challenge up to 2 positions above their current position on the log.
  2. A challenger has to propose a date and time for the challenge.
  3. A challenged player cannot decline a challenge. If the challenge is declined the higher placed player forfeits his/her position on the log.
  4. A challenged player can propose another time. A challenge has to be completed within 2 weeks of the challenge being made.
  5. Once a challenge is complete, the same players cannot challenge each other for a week after the match completion.
  6. New members get 2 free challenges where they can challenge any player on the log. Losing both challenges will place them at the bottom of the log.
  7. If a player is challenged, the player cannot accept or organise any other challenge until the first challenge is complete.
  8. All disputes to be addressed to The decision on disputes is made by the committee and is final.
  9. Changes on the log could result in changes to league teams.
  10. All players have to notify with challenge results. If this is not done, the ladder is not updated and the challenge void.
  11. Rules of the challenge system can change at any time by the committee.


Mens ladder

Ladies ladder

2 thoughts on “Club ladder”

  1. Hi guys. A quick note…
    The ladder is not perfect. In fact I’m sure we made some errors in judgement. However, it is out there. If you feel you deserve to play higher up, challenge. It is in your own hands.

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